Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Ideas

Glowing pumpkins are a great option for many reasons, which I’ll list below:

  • You don’t want the mess that comes with carving
  • You want to try something new
  • You want something easy and fun for kids to do

Design Ideas:

  • Stripes
  • Web
  • Dots
  • Letters
  • Faces
  • Emoji
  • Meme
  • Drips

Not only is this something new for you to try, it’s great for kids in that it uses paint rather than knifes to decorate a pumpkin.

To get create a glow in the dark pumpkin, you will need a pumpkin and glow in the dark paint, such as that made by the brand Tulip. It comes in a convenient squeeze tube that makes decorating easy, and is a dimensional fabric paint, so it will dry raised rather than smooth, which gives your design a textured effect.

The pumpkin you use depends on how long you want your design to last. If you want it to be temporary, and are ok with it disappearing with the season, then any old pumpkin will do. If you want it to last forever, then grab yourself a faux, preferably ceramic, pumpkin. Ceramic is easier to decorate.

In this video you are shown a few designs, which really just scratches the surface of what is possible with paint and a pumpkin.

To show you just how many designs there are to be done using glow paints, check out this master list of the best shared online. Feel free to duplicate an idea or use it as inspiration to make your own!

Inspired design

Featured Image

The pattern gives it an aztec look - as if it came from an ancient civilization, appearing only over halloween, like a mysterious relic. Ok, maybe that's a bit much of a description, but it sure is neat!

Try Traditional

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Rather than use a textured fabric paint, this idea uses a phosphorescent paint that was brushed around the pumpkin. The eyes and mouth were left untouched, and outlined for emphasis.

Try more colors


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Starting off with a colorful base coat can really make your glowing patterns stand out in different ways. With such an array of phosphorescent colors available to paint with you can create a color scheme that can truly stand out and impress.

howl at the moon

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You can do a lot with a using masking tape as a stencil. This one is a silhouette of a wolf against the moon. First the entire pumpkin was painted with Krylon fusion white spray paint. Second a circle was painted with blue glow spray paint, by using a round cutout template that was pressed against the pumpkin. Third, a black vinly cutout of the wolf and trees was pressed into the circle. The end result is awesome!

Glowing teeth

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By painting teeth you get this awesome effect of glowing teeth on your jack-o-lantern. It's a fun way to integrate glow-paint without having to paint everything, and just one little detail.

Glowing Boo

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Glowing Boo

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