DIY Fall Crafts For Your Home And Yard

As nature ignites in a beautiful swath of colors during fall, so does your brain. It's scientific fact that cooler temperatures wake up your mind, and as your brain wakes up so does creativity. So, in many ways fall becomes the starting line for creativity, and a marker for when we all start looking for fun crafts or projects to do.

Since you may be reading this just as temperatures are dropping, and your brain wakes up, it might be a good idea to start collecting common materials for easy fall crafts you can start with first.

Common Materials

  • Mason Jars
  • Dried Corn, Beans
  • Dried Maple Leaves
  • Tea Candles
  • Ornamental Pumpkins
  • Paper Plates
  • Hot Glue

These are some of the most common materials used in many of the easier fall crafts, so having them on hand or getting them together if you already have them on hand will make things easier for you.

Kids have brains too, so they'll need something to do! With the ingredients above on hand you can have them creating stuff on a moments notice. It's nice to have an emergency plan in place for those rainy days, you know?

One seasonal favorite is "mirroring" the best items of fall. Things like acorns, pine cones, pumpkins and leaves look mighty spectacular with a coat of gold or chrome spray paint. This is easy to do and fun for children because it gets them outside looking for acorns and being physical. Plus the end result looks great as decoration around the house!

The collection below starts with some great examples of mirroring, and follows up with other DIY crafts for fall. Enjoy!

diy fall crafts
Enjoy These DIY Fall Crafts For Your Home & Yard

Wine Glass Pumpkins

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Turn a wine glass upside down and you have a fun stand to use with candles. You can add a fall flavor to them by adding a pumpkin face. This decoration idea was done using paint, brushes, rope, and wine glasses.

Create a rustic fall wreath

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A beautiful door decoration that is easy and fun to make? Count yourself in! This beautiful craft is made using a foam wreath form wrapped in ivory burlap ribbon. These items can be picked up at a local hobby store, so this is something you can absolutely do over the weekend or weekday spare time after work.

Dryer Vent Pumpkins!

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How clever is this? By taking a section of dryer venting and joining the ends together to form a circle, you can create the beginnings of a decorative pumpkin. Finish off the look by painting it orange and topping it with a stem. This light-weight decoration looks great in the welcome area of your domicile.

Tree Stump Welcome Sign

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Re-purpose a tree stump into a beautiful fall decoration that welcomes visitors to your home. You'll need a cleanly cut piece of log, sanded to create an inviting canvas for your painted on welcome sign.

Paper Leaf Folds

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The dotted lines of the leaf template go on the fold. You don't even need the template. Just fold leaf shapes to create this effect.

Pleated Paper Pumpkin

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Fall Wreath made from leaves, glue and a paper plate.

Yarn Pumpkins

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There are tons of ways to DIY your own craft pumpkin for your home, a party or even as a gift. This design takes yarn, which you create a ball out of and then top off with a small pine cone as a stem. It's easy to do and takes minimal parts, so you can get everyone involved in this one.

Hanging Leaf Display

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Use watercolor paints to turn everyday paper into a gorgeous watercolor leaf display and branch mobile that showcases all of the gorgeous colors of autumn. This one takes a little more artistic talent, but when done will surely impress!

Ombre Pinecones

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If you’re looking for an easy pinecone craft, you definitely have to try this! The edges of pinecones get dipped into paint and then sparkled if you wish. You can use your own vibrant colors of your choosing, and make spectacular display cones as unique as you are. It's easy to dip the edges, and fun for everyone to pick pine cones to create this craft. They will truly put everyone in a festive spirit.

Delicate Leaf Bowl

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This DIY leaf bowl is lovely, don’t you think? It takes patience to pull this off, and you may have to do it every season because it is a bit delicate. It is a beautiful decoration though that is perfect for bringing in fall into the home while impressing others.

Candle Leaf Jar

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Real or artificial leaves work for this project, and mason jars can be found inexpensively, making this DIY decor extremely budget-friendly. You simply place leaves around the container using special glue. The candle light does a wonderful job at bringing in warm fall colors into the home.